Friday, April 20, 2012

Concentration Piece - "Burst"

This piece is of four athletes, specializing in Track and Field. On the far left is Elisa Rehak - High Jump. Left center is Megan Battaglia - Hurdles. Center right is Kayla Stoots - Long Distance. To the far right is Jake Wade - Discus. This piece is different than my usual pieces, and I love it. It's the contrast of shadows and "bursts of color" that make the piece. I used chalk pastel to blend the colors and really make a statement. Track is all about little bursts of energy and having a "fire within". This piece describes it perfectly because it shows the energy within you coming out to win the race.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Lucky 13

10. The Kitchen Sink

11. Looking around a Corner

12. A messy drawer, partly open

13. "In the Mirror" 

The Lucky 13

                                                                       5. Inside a Closet

6.  Messy Desk

7. The Street

8. Looking through a...?

9. The Bathroom 

The Lucky 13

1. Household Items 

2. Glasses or bottles filled with a liquid with light behind it

3. Food

4. Objects with a Shine